Latina Wedding Practices Explained

Whether you are planning for a Latin wedding party or just interested in knowing more about the tradition, we have you covered. The following document discusses the most common and popular marriage traditions in Latina America.

One of the most significant Latin wedding party traditions is the father’s approval of the marriage. In this custom, the groom’s family technically visits the bride’s house to ask for her hand in marital life. It is a traditional symbol of esteem and in addition helps to expose the two loved ones.

In Spanish marriages, the new bride can often be presented with 13 numismatic coins known as Las Arras. Usually, they are gifts from the couple’s padrinos and represent Jesus and His doze Apostles.

During the marriage ceremony, there is usually a Lazo, which is a jeweled or rosary beaded rope, that is inserted around the necks of the few in a figure 8. This signifies their connected future together.

After the wedding, it is a traditions to throw rice or rose petals over the newlyweds as they keep the area. This is to wish the couple good luck in their potential. Grooms traditionally be dressed in guayaberas that are shirts crafted from linen with 4 small area pockets and two lines of vertical, fine pleats. Often they are simply matched with pants or a cummerbund. Today, some grooms opt for a tuxedo.

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